Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It's crunch time people!

Miss Tess turns one on Thursday. She clearly is still having trouble grasping the sippy cup concept. Aren't I supposed to be bottle free at one? Bram didn't have a problem at all switching and was using a sippy by nine months.

Now I know all kiddos are different. I won't be taking away her bottle in two days and letting her suffer. But I thought she would at least know how to use it. At least kind of use it. At least know that the thing dispenses yummy milk, water, and juice.

But no. She just looks at it and shakes it like a toy.

Tess is a very bright little baby. Well, except the whole eating toilet paper and bugs thing. But other than that, she is just growing and learning and developing like a little lady should.

Any pointers?


morewineplease said...

They make sippy cups that have a soft lid... similar to a bottle. We had to get those for the Diva to, she had a hard time with the hard plastic.

starnes family said...

She's just too cute. Don't worry about the bottle. Let her carry it until she goes to Kindergarten.

Little O' Me said...

Lauren didn't stop drinking a bottle until 4.5...YES...4.5!!!!

That girl couldn't let it go! She loved everything about it. And I laughed so hard at that toilet paper eating. Lauren ate baby wipes. she would suck on them and love them. One day I licked one and almost gagged!! That things was HORRIBLE. Simply NAS-TAY!!!

OK...Tess is just so dang cute!! I could eat her up!!!