Thursday, September 4, 2008

I spoke WAY too soon!

Wow, the above temper tantrum was over underwear. Not wanting to wear underwear. I guess he is what one would call a "free baller". Nice.

The morning got even better when he sat in the middle of his new classroom and screamed. This went on for 20 minutes. I was talking to friends down the hall waiting for him to stop freaking out. It never stopped.

Now we have to remember, the kid just had his tonsils out. With all of the yelling I was seriously afraid he would bust something in his throat. So I marched in the room, grabbed his backpack and we left. I am not the mom that usually worries when her kid cries when she leaves. It is just part of being a "big kid" and usually they get over it as soon as the mom walks out. But y'all, he was freaking the poop out!

His new teacher probably thinks I am a complete nut job.

For some reason, this mommy gig has been really tough for me the past several weeks. Maybe it is the super hot weather? Maybe it is really post post partum? Or maybe it is because Bram is a hell raiser and this is a test from God? Whatever it is, it is tough and I am worn out.

It just seems to be such a roller coaster. Some days he is such a dreamy dream baby boy. And other days he is satan's child.

This too shall pass.

It better or I am going to have to get a full time job to get out of this house.


Deb said...

I want to get on board there and tell you that "yes, it will pass", but since it is so early on in our relationship I don't want to lie to you yet. (lol)

I found you through your comment on yesterdays OSB blog and nearly peed my pants when I read your comment (fair enough though I had just drank a frikin jug of water-but nonetheless) and just thought i would stop by.

Back to the tantrums - they never get better, they just bigger. For realz! I got a 23 and 21 year. Plefth!

morewineplease said...

its like they turn into little terrorist!
Hang in there.. its normal!

Michelle Matthews said...

I understand those days! It is hard some days!