Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday pictures and commentary

Love this picture of Gran T (my mom) and Tess. Look at the eyes. My mom, me, and now baby Tess all have the same eyes. Love it.

Tess looks like a little boy in this pic because of her bald head. She has on the most precious Ralph Lauren velour polo dress. Oh when will I be able to do bows!!

Came around the corner and found the baby gnawing on a marker. Great mom moment for sure. Don't worry, non toxic. I thought about calling poison control just to make sure. Since I have already called so many times, and they ask for your name and phone number, I am afraid they will think bad things of me if I call again. So I feel I have to limit my calls for more serious ingestions. Like actual poisons. Not things like chalk, markers, potting soil, Desitin and baby powder. (Those are all fine to ingest by the way. May cause a tummy ache, but nobody will die.)

Cute little paper mache plates I found to hang for Halloween. Love them. The little pumpkin desert plate I found at Wal Mart for $2, I thought it would add some color. Cute eh?

I actually am a plate fanatic. This little area of my kitchen is right next to the counter so I have to have plates that aren't going to freak me out if they break. I change them out for the seasons. My Christmas plates are actually antiques so those worry me a bit hanging up there. I have plate groupings hanging all over the house. I started collecting plates 10 years ago and have tons of them.

OK, the Office. Loved it! I just wish that they would of made the new girl (forgot her name) keep thinking Kevin was special needs. That was hilarious.

Also, I am glad they didn't break Jim's heart again. That would of pissed me off. All and all, I was extremely pleased. With the addition of 30 Rock and Kath and Kim, my Thursdays are going to be pretty booked. Look out!

Hubby had to get stitches on both hands yesterday. This actually should of been the first thing I blogged about. He dropped the coffee pot, and caught it as it hit our granite counter tops. Needless to say, it cut the shit out of BOTH hands. On his thumb on his left hand and on the side of his hand on the right hand. Bless him. I can honestly say, I have never seen anything bleed like that in my life. Blood was everywhere. So terrible.

But I'm still leaving his ass with the kids this weekend. Fredericksburg. Remember? I must go. Am I an awful wife? I have been looking forward to this weekend for months. He can handle it.

Actually, tomorrow he will be with my in-laws all day for my nephew's first birthday. Lots of family will be there. Including my sister in law, Tess' godmother. She has two boys, so Tess is her dreamy dream girl. She will for sure help with the baby.

I am laying all the food out, got clothes laid out, so the kids don't look like street urchins at the party. Diaper bag fully packed and stocked with snacks, sippy cups, formula, bottles. I think I have thought of it all. Please pray for Hubby and please pray for my house. That it is as clean as I left it.

And then pray for Hubby if it isn't.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. Wish me luck in making new friends. I am fun, nice, and pretty. Everyone likes me. I just hope I don't talk to much and annoy strangers........

Must. Work. On. That.


starnes family said...

Have fun and relax!

Be yourself and be nice to everyone. Stand up straight and smile. Say "please" and "thank you".


Michelle Matthews said...

Wow - poor hubby! Ouchie!!!
You are a good wife/mom getting everything ready for him!
HAve fun and I can't wait to read about it!!!

Angie said...

I love the pics of your mom and brother. I love Gran T's blonde hair. Would love to see your mom one of these days!