Sunday, September 14, 2008

A letter to me.

Dear Coco,

I know you are really excited about running and are feeling pretty good about yourself. But I would like to make a few minor suggestions before you go jetting out for another jog. If you don't mind. You bad ass, you.

First, I know your getting a bit faster and going a lot further, and that is great and I am super happy for you. But next time, let's not start out in a full on sprint. Let's try pacing ourselves. Just a thought.

Second, try eating a little something more than a "protein shake" and a liter of water all day before you set out. That just isn't smart. At all.

Third, I know fall is officially just seven days away. But as a fourth generation Texan, you should know by now that September in Texas is still f'ing hot. Let's stick to late evenings, no more mid day runs. At least for another few months. OK?

I hope I am not putting a dent in your running pleasure or anything. And I am not trying to knock you off the fitness pedestal you clearly have yourself on.
But you dry heaving while teenage golfers look on, just isn't cute.

Keep up the good work and you go girl! Woooo-wooooo!




Kiki said...

Just stopped by from Deb, over at Missives from Suburbia.....I am about to embark on a training program for a mini marathon in February...your letter is perfect...thanks for the smile!!!

morewineplease said...

you better listen!!!!

Angie said...

Can you write a letter to Angie and tell her to get off her fat lazy ass?


Deb said...

and send a letter to Deb too and let her know that she needs to do something other than sit by the pool drinking umbrella drinks for the next 4 days of her vacation. maybe something a little more than a 12 oz curl too would be good.

KDLOST said...

wow, you sure told her! ;)

Little O' Me said...

I have tears!! You are hilarious!!!

Little O' Me said...

ooh I also needed to say...YOu bad ass YOU!!!!