Thursday, September 11, 2008

Staying Put

It looks like Ike isn't going to hit us as bad as we thought. Thank goodness! But my mother wants us to stay put instead of heading up with HER precious cargo.
(that would be my kids)

This will be nice, staying put for a weekend with nothing going on. A rare treat for the Hubby and I.

I need to think of something fun to cook and to drink. As we have not had a sip of anything since Saturday night (and that was just one glass for me!) Pretty sad that this is an accomplishment, but it is what it is. Sigh.

Maybe a bbq? Probably not a wise thing in a monsoon though. Soup? No, too hot. Any fun recipes? Give me some suggestions.

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Deb said...

well first there's that awesome spinach artichoke dip, but we also make this awesome 'crusted sesame chicked roll up'. they are fried, but if you want the recipe, let me know. or even a flank steak (marinated-these suckers are so good) then sliced and laid on top of a nice salad. or some fried rice and shrimp tempura with zucchini also made tempura...

girl, i didn't get this fat from eating carrott sticks (lol)