Monday, September 8, 2008

Oh, and get this b.s.

My tummy was not feeling so hot on the drive home, if you know what I'm sayin'. Not for overindulging, I seriously think I ate something bad.

Anyhoo, as I was driving down I-35 and got into Temple, I thought, "uh-oh, I better find a nice, clean, private bathroom".

As y'all know, with two kids and no husband with you, pulling over to potty is not fun at all. A lot of juggling babies in laps while you do your business and a lot of, "don't touch that!" "don't sit on the floor", "that is not a candy machine!"

Well, Bram had to go potty and the baby was starting to smell funny and quite frankly I was starting to panic due to my stomach's weird noises.

With that said, I decided to pull over at THE COMFORT SUITES IN TEMPLE, TEXAS. Hotel lobby bathrooms are always super clean and very private. A win-win situation for mommy.

I walk in the lobby, with panic written all over my face I am sure, and ask the middle eastern man behind the desk for the bathroom. He told me in broken English, "No bathroom for no guest!"

I said, "I totally understand, but I am in a VERY sticky situation here! My three year old is about to wet his pants and I need a clean bathroom"
The gentlemen says, "NO! For guest only, no bathroom for you."
As I walk out I said, "can I have your name sir?"
He says, "John"
Then I say, "John what?"
He says, "John Morris".

Yeah, right.

I went across the parking lot to the QUALITY INN IN TEMPLE, TEXAS and the lady was super nice and totally let us use her bathroom. Thank GOD IN HEAVEN because the situation was dire at that point.

But I did call the corporate office for Comfort Suites and tell them that "John Morris" was a total dickhead and they should be ashamed for hiring such assholes.


3D said...

Absolutely a Dickhead and an Asshole. While I no longer have the small children to juggle, I have IBS and I dare a mo'fo to try to stop me from using any bathroom. I can't imagine though how hateful you have to be to stop a woman with children from using a bath room. Jackass!

And your welcome for the recipe. It is ubber easy, trust me, cause I am ubber lazy - lol. Your guests will love it! I ate almost the whole thing my damn self, but that's another story for the people at overeaters anonymous. Kidding of course cause i still haven't decided to admit i have a problem (lol).


Michelle Matthews said...

What a jerk! I am soooo glad you called corporate on him. Ugh...what a mess. ARe you better? There has been a nasty stomach virus going around.