Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Is it her teeth?

Oh my poor precious angel girl is not feeling very hot. The past two mornings she has woken up with 102.1 temperature that goes away with Motrin and never comes back. I really think it might be her teeth. This temp is high for teething I know, but Brammy ran high fever with teething too. Ugh. I wish she could tell me if she feels bad.

One sign is that when you hand her a goldfish or a cracker she tries jamming it in her gums. This may be a sign. Or maybe she just hasn't really figured out this whole snacking thing yet.

She played outside in her little walker all afternoon while I finished painting her high chair. Happy as can be. But by dinner time, not happy at all. Sad.


Starnes Family said...

I bet it is her teeth. My little one is going through it, too.

Try giving her a frozen waffle to chew on. They can't quite bite into it, so it's not a choking hazzard. But, the coolness numbs her gums. You can also get a baby washcloth damp and put it in the freezer. Let her chew on that for the same effect.

Good luck!

morewineplease said...

AHHH! teething really does suck... its sounds like that's what it is! Hope she gets over it, have you tried oragel?

Michelle Matthews said...

It does sound teething! I hope she is better soon. This always helped Luke with teeting....


Little O' Me said...

OOH I hate that she is going thru that. I think teething is torture for our babies. I really didn't enjoy that phase of raising a baby! I was like, "NOONE told me that this would be HELL!!!"

Hugs to you and sweet baby girl!!!

Deb said...

I always hated teething. I wanted so badly to take the pain for them. Then they became teenagers and I wanted to punch them in the mouths sometimes. So it evens out (lol).