Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I kind of feel sorry for the little guy.....

Tess is thhhiiissss close to walking. She is still in that really really drunk person walking phase, and gets around a lot faster crawling. So that is the route she chooses. I think 7 steps is our highest count yet. This makes for a very exciting evening here at the old abode.

The sad thing is, Bram can think of about a million things HE can do that his sister totally can't!

Hubby and I cheer and clap and high five when Tess takes two steps. This leaves my Brammy just standing there like, "hey guys, what about me?"

Well, let me tell you my friends, this kid has a plethora of "cool moves" that he will pull out of his back pocket at a moments notice. Each and every time the poor baby tries to steal the limelight by some small accomplishment like walking, out comes some trick to beat all!

BRAM'S COOL "MOVES" (listed in no particular coolness order):

1) Walking in a straight line

2) Kind of hopping on one leg (I use the term "hopping" very loosely)

3) Walking backwards

4) Karate chops that resemble more of an epileptic seizure, but karate chops nonetheless

5) Saying, "mom", "dad", "dog", "uh-oh", very slowly and clearly
(this is to show us he CAN talk and his sister CANNOT)

6) Yelling "cannonball" while jumping off the couch

7) A somersault

8) The splits (which he is quite good at, by the way)

9) Gets his "GUNS UP" (go Red Raiders!)

and the clincher, when he really needs to hit one out of the park.....

10) Will poot(I hate the word fart) in your face at will

I am choking up right now, I am just so proud. So proud.


Anonymous said...

Ah yes...the poot trick! It will win everyone over EVERY time!

You forgot to mention his killer curls!!!! He's got great hair that will make all the girls jealous!

3D said...

then the day he astounds you with the under arm poot should certainly be your 'best day ever'.

gotta love boys...

Anonymous said...

Hi. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I got the green glass pumpkin from Target last year. I know they have them this year, but in an orange color. You can find them in the Smith & Hawkins section.

Michelle Matthews said...

Awe! Lil Bram is adorable! He has some awesome tricks! What a lil stud!