Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thanks y'all

Thanks for all of the "blowing nose" tips. Unfortunately, we have done all the suggested techniques to no avail. The boy just doesn't get it. At all.

I actually got out the nose sucker and did it old school. He didn't fight or flail, so we may be going that route until he leaves home at 18.

On another note, I am going to Fredericksburg, Texas this weekend with a bunch of moms. One of my great friends is going with me and then about 18 other moms I don't really know. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to branch out, but with Kell there, I will still have some sort of security blanket.

I am really looking forward to a weekend of shopping and antiquing and eating and drinking. Hopefully all of the other moms will think I am as fun and cool as I think I am.

We are staying at some huge B & B that has a pool and lots of room. A catered dinner on Friday night and then we are all going to Luchenbach, Texas for some drinks. I might have to bust out my cowboy boots and turquoise for Friday night. Nothing looks cuter than a pair of True Religions and cowboy boots. Gotta love it!

Shopping and lunch on Saturday during the day. Dinner, drinks and a show on Saturday night.

It should be fun and I plan on getting lots of cute holiday decoration and some goodies for the kids.

Hubby is going to be home with the kids all weekend. I am kind of dreading what condition my house (and kids) are going to be in when I return. My housekeeper comes this Thursday, I might need to call and see if she can switch it to the Monday after it all goes down. I just kind of had a little panic attack thinking about it. Maybe it isn't worth going.....


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