Sunday, September 21, 2008

He's a little runaway, a run run run runaway.....

Bram tried to make a quick get away this weekend. But instead of a new place to live and play he got a spanking and had to go to bed at 6 pm. It was super fun!

Let me explain before everyone thinks I am a terrible mom for spanking.

My mom had purchased Bram a little remote control mini Cooper. So while we were trying to figure out where the batteries go, etc. Bram slipped out the back door. We have no idea how he did this without us seeing him. It isn't like we live in the Taj Mahal and have many doors to escape out of. We have one back door. Right off the kitchen. Where mom and I were standing.

Now he has always been somewhat of a flight risk, if you will, but he has never made such a blatant attempt to make a run for it.

So we don't see him make his escape and the two of us go to show him his new remote control car. And no Bram, anywhere. Not anywhere. Gone.

I run past the back door and notice the back gate wide open. The back gate that leads to a golf course AND A HUGE POND!!!!!! And his John Deere gator gone. HOLY SHIT!

My mom and I run out the back and there is Bram taking a Sunday drive on the golf cart path that runs behind our house. Actually, he had gotten his gator stuck and some old lady on a golf cart was helping him unstick it.

As I frantically go running toward him, he just cruises up. Like no big deal.

I jerk him off the gator and we march into the house, into his room, where I spanked him. And then I put him to bed.

That pond behind our house has always freaked me out. Bram knows that he will get in SUPER trouble if he opens the back gate without asking or without an adult outside with him. And for him to get on his gator and just start driving around NEXT to the pond scared the ever living shit out of me. I just can't believe he had the audacity!

Well, maybe I can.

My heart was pounding 30 minutes later, I am not kidding. The "what ifs" kept going through my head. Ughh. What a terrible feeling.

And to top it off, I fully expected Child Protective Services to show up at my door. Convinced the old lady who helped unstick Bram would of reported a half naked three year old cruising the golf course alone. She obviously didn't turn me in, but I bet my name is mud at the country club or the next bridge club get together. "That mom on hole 14 has let things really go. I had to help unstick her three year old while he was driving around the pond in just a pair of Diego underwear." "Her drinking has clearly gotten out of hand." Ohhhhh, I can just hear it now.

When I walked into his room an hour after the incident, he was in bed but still awake. I explained to him that if something happened to him, my heart would be gone and how dangerous the pond is, etc. He knew it was serious and stayed in his room and fell asleep.

Today has been better. He is now grounded from his mule all week. I don't think he understands what a week is but knows it is a big deal to be "grounded".

Overall it was a wonderful weekend with my mom. As it always is. We got lots of visiting in and had a ball. And the good news is, she and my dad will be back in two weeks for Tess' 1st birthday celebration!!!


Michelle Matthews said...

Oh how terrifying! I can't even imagine!!! It is funny to picture lil Bram in his diego's with a lil old lady helping him "unstick" his gator. What a story. Wow.
I'm glad you and your mom had fun!

starnes family said...

Ok, my heart stopped a little reading this. You poor thing! It can happen so fast.

At the Galleria in Dallas last year at Christmas.....I was chatting away with a girlfriend while our kids played at the playground on the 3rd floor....I notice a lady walking with my 2 year old....hmm.....I don't know her......interesting....I ask what's going on.

"I found him by the escalator."

Ouch! Mother of the Year Card REVOKED!!!!!!