Monday, September 15, 2008

Get Mario on the phone, ASAP!

Our little poodle, Caine, can paint!! It is an amazing feat for sure. One that I am almost positive will win him 1st place and lots of dough on "Pet Star".

We had no idea when we found him that he pocessed this talent. It is almost like finding a lottery ticket!

I have never actually seen him paint. But according to Bram, he does. Caine painted the side of the house yesterday. Bram said he saw the whole thing.

And I believe him. Who else could of done it?


Little O' Me said...

OMG!!! That is hilarious!! You really DO have a special dog!!


morewineplease said...

UT OH!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Matthews said...

Oh he is creative! So cute! I bet he had a blast painting!
Thank you! Isn't it easy to get baby fever!? I love that pic of tate and luke too. So sweet.

KDLOST said...

THIS POST IS PRECIOUS! Hahaha- what a talented dog you have! Too cute.