Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What a GLORIOUS day!

Today has been great. Recharging last night at Tamale King with a plateful of cheese and a few sangria swirls was just what this mommy needed. Whew!

Bram started his first day of three days a week Mother's Day Out program today. Hallelujeah!! Praise the baby Jesus!

This means new teacher and new classroom. His teacher is AWESOME! She ran her own daycare for 25 years and moved to our town last year after her husband passed away. So she went back to working with kids. I love that she is doing this for her heart and doesn't just need the work.

After the uneventful dropoff. I went and got highlights and a cut from a new lady in Horseshoe Bay. I look very cute if I do say so myself and might even go a bit blonder next time. The two hours without baby and Bram was another mini vacation.

When I returned home, Hubby called and asked if he could pick Bram up from school. Be my guest my friend, be my guest.

Both my boys got home with smiles on their faces. AND the teacher sent a note home with Bram, uh-oh right? WRONG! She loves him and marked that he was cheerful and happy all day. Then even made a huge handwritten comment that Bram, "just loves everything!". Ummmmmmm, I am totally going to let her go with this until the truth comes out.

Hopefully, dude will roll with this positive attitude for awhile.

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Rebeckah said...

I saw one of your comments at scary mommy and came over to see who could be so clever : )! I love your page. Very pretty! Great colors and designs! Your baby is ADORABLE too!