Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Holed Up

Hurricane Ike has me on "Red Alert". I am serious. The weathermen in Austin keep talking about, "damaging winds" and "possible tornadoes" this weekend. That is all anyone is talking about and we don't even live on the freaking coast! Just SHUT UP ALREADY!

As mentioned before, I don't do so well in bad weather. Not that anybody enjoys a tornado or damaging wind, but I think I don't enjoy it more than most.

Fortunately, we are heading to Weatherford this weekend for a family get together. This makes me very happy. Happy to see my family you ask? Well, of course. But what makes me the happiest about heading to Weatherford, is that my parents have a souped up STORM SHELTER! I will be safe and able to keep my kids and Hubby safe this weekend. It almost makes me anxiety free!

Of course I will probably run screaming to the storm shelter, dragging a three year old and carrying a freaked out baby every time it starts to drizzle or thunder or lightening. This won't embarrass me one bit because my family knows I am a little "off balance".

They will probably be sitting on the back porch, watching the lovely rain, drinking lovely wine, while I have my kids holed up in a storm shelter. Those fools.

But my dad did put a wine fridge in the storm shelter. That's how he rolls. What's the saying, "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree". Yep.


3D said...

ooooo!, a storm shelter WITH a wine cooler? i would sooo be there.

Michelle Matthews said...

Oh wow...a wine fridge in the storm shelter. Awesome. Looks like Luke would enjoy that too. Ha!
I can't believe little Bram and the beaters. What a blessing that he is okay. Oh I bet you were terrified.
I agree - something new everyday.

KDLOST said...

Hey! Visiting via OSB. Well, I've had it with hurricane season. So over it. I am sorry Ike's coming your way. We were scared of Ike, too ... not ready to evacuate again ... Stay safe! Wine is your friend during these things; it's very cool that you have a cooler in the shelter! Cheers! :)

morewineplease said...

Oh your daddy is a sweet heart!
Stay safe and try to have some fun!

Anonymous said...

Stay safe. We lived in McAllen when Emily hit (July 2001) and we northerners didn't know what the heck to do in the event of a hurricane! Be sure to drink lots of wine - that's what I did! Take care.