Friday, September 19, 2008


My mom is coming for the weekend. YIPPEE!!! Hubby and my dad are headed to the hunting lease, yuck. I love when my mom visits.

Problem with GranT showing up around here is we all get super spoiled. She takes Bram "toy shopping" and of course we can't leave without a toy for Tess. She also unloads my dishwasher for me, this is my most hated job EVER IN THE WORLD. She knows this and does it for me the whole time she's here.

Sweet mommy. Beautiful mom. Super skinny mother with lovely long legs. Hip jean wearing mom. Perfectly highlighted and cut haired mama. Trendy cute silver Volvo driving mamasita.
(Hopefully she'll read this before she leaves and buy me a few cute things for the fall) Perfect mothering skills mother, cheek bones to kill for mom, best wife ever mommy, funniest lady on the planet, cute sticking out ears mother, great boobs for age 58 mom, for age 33 for that matter, wine drinking cutie mom.

The only bad thing about my mom being here is that the de-programing after she leaves is a bitch. But totally worth it.

Y'all have a great weekend!!!


Shannon said...

Aw, how sweet :)

Have a great time with your mom!

Angie said...

Tell Tessie I said hello! Your mom has always been one cool Mama!

morewineplease said...

sounds like an awesome mom.. amen to the de-programming!

Little O' Me said...

OOH I hope you have a blast and get some new pretties while your mommy is there!!

I wanna see pictures of this cute chic/hip Mom!! :D