Friday, September 5, 2008

my boo

I have a bit of insomnia tonight so I thought I might want to clear some things up.

It seems I have been a bit hard on Bram the last several weeks. I haven't enjoyed motherhood on certain days due to this kid. Then there are days I can't soak enough of being a mom up.

Bram is definitely MY child. He is very loud, very verbal, and likes to have his way. Headstrong doesn't even begin to explain it. He is also ALL boy!
I am for sure getting payback. This makes my parents very happy.

But my Brammy is also the sweetest, funniest, most cuddliest and the smartest three year old you will ever come across (you other moms may disagree). I love him more than words can express. He made me a mom.

Bram's little face and his little funnies make my day. Every day. No matter what ass whip situation he gets himself into or I get myself into trying to discipline him.

I adore him. I worship him. I never ever want him to move out of my house. He is my "Boo" and will tell you that. "I am Mommy's Boo". We are kind of ghetto like that. And I have a weird crush on Usher.

He makes me happy, he makes

Though I can't really decide what he is going to be when he grows up.

Either prison inmate "#33737384625" or President of the United States of America. A really really good President. The BEST!


Deb said...

And although it really is hard and will continue to be so, it's also the most amazing thing to do - raising children. Watching them become little adults and realizing that you have almost done as much as you can do and they will soon be taking their own steps in the world.
Mine are both grown (23 and 21) and it amazes me to see the men they have become.
And then I get to say - "WHEW! THANK GOD I'M DONE!"

Michelle Matthews said...

I totally get this. I have those exact same days!

whereismymind said...

Awwww! I love this post! He's such a cutie.