Monday, September 29, 2008

Bedtime conversation with my little weirdo

Me: Night night my lovey. See you in the morning.

Bram: Um. (thinking hard, with his finger on his chin) Um. Dad? Um. (really concentrating hard) What's your name?

Me (looking around for someone else in the room): Are you talking to me?

Bram: Yes. Um. Hmmmm.....What is your name again?

Me: What do you think my name is? (I was getting a little worried that he maybe had a stroke or something at this point)

Bram: Um. Courtney. Your name is Courtney.

Me: That's right. But what do YOU call me.

Bram: Hmmmm. I call you......hmmm........Mom. Yeah, I call you mom. And so does my sister.

Me: Yes. I am mom. That is righty-roo! Great job buddy! OK, how many fingers am I holding up?

Luckily he answered my list of basic questions (numbers, colors, animal sounds, etc.) correctly or we would be speeding toward Dell Children's in Austin.

This is a conversation you have with a great-grandparent suffering from dementia.

Not your bright three year old boy. Weird.


Scary Mommy said...

I think most of the conversations I have with my kids could be compared to those with dementia patients. It's the lovely cycle of life ;)
Glad he passed the test!

Michelle said...

LOL! Great story! I love it when kids do funny stuff like this. I know what you mean though about being scared something mentally went wrong though! :)