Thursday, September 18, 2008

What have you done with my son?

So I talked Hubby into taking us out to eat Mexican food. We were both a little leary taking Bram out in public with no nap and terrible attitube. But we had to think of something so he wouldn't fall asleep. We sure as hell didn't want him running around at 11 o'clock tonight!

I was so proud! My little boy was just a pure joy and a pleasure at the restaurant. His manners were perfection! He said "please" and "thank you" per every request. The conversation flowed smoothly without a, "get off the floor" or a, "you better sit down now or we are going home!" or even a, "I will take you into the bathroom for a time out!"

Outings like this make me happy. It makes me regain my confidence in my mothering skills, like I am perhaps doing a good job and I am not raising a serial killer. It gives me hope for tomorrow.

He even said "excuse me" after he tooted so loud the table next to us started laughing.
Ahhhhh..........made me so proud.

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Michelle Matthews said...

What a sweet boy! You are doing a great job with that lil man. That toot story is HILARIOUS! I can't believe he said Excuse Me. Love it!
We ate Mexican food tonight too! I was also nervous about taking Luke because MDO days are a little wacky with the whole adjustment phase. We were able to sit outside- thankfully - and I just let him run around and play. I chose not to fight that battle tonight because we would have left the place. I enjoyed a strawberry mojito! That always helps the situation. :)