Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Look what I just pulled from the baby's enclosed mouth!

I JUST picked through the playroom, meticulously I might add, yesterday and threw away anything and everything that was tiny and not played with regularly (sorry Bram). How did she find this? Where did she find this?

Bram is going to be made fun of when at next playgroup the only toys he has are stacking rings and Baby Einstein blocks.


Deb said...

OMG!! Is that a 'cone' of some sort? Like from a construction set? Great day that could have been bad. Poor Bram nothing left but weebles and fisher price little people. he'll be the laughing stock of the sand box(lol)

BTW - Love the granite!

Marla said...

How scary, glad you noticed she had it in her mouth.

Just came over from OSB to tell you congrats on your loss this week.

Little O' Me said...

That is scary she had THAT in her mouth!!

I don't miss that about baby days...I'm glad you found it!!!