Monday, September 15, 2008


My Chasing Fireflies catelog arrived today. If you have never checked out, please do. But expect to spend a lot of money. Their stuff is so cute and so unique.

I am about to order Halloween costumes. This might get kind of pricey but it is Halloween and the kids have so much fun.

Bram actually had input on his costume this year, he wants to be Transformer. No. I am just not ready for this type of Halloween costume.

The good news is, Chasing Fireflies has a bad ass Transformer costume. I know this is kind of an oxymoron but they really do have a kind of cool one.

Miss Tess is going to be a little pig (see above). They have the cutest little pig costume and she is just a baby so I still have total control. And plan to for quite sometime. I will work harder with this child.

I am about to put the order in. Along with a few cute tees for Bram and an outfit or two for Tess.

OK, here I go......why am I questioning my purchases. Is this guilt? Is this called being a responsible shopper? Noooooo, not me. Really?

Normally I don't have guilt or remotely refrain from pushing that "order confirmed" button. But with Hubby being a stockbroker and all and the fact that the market totally crashed today, I am having some remorse. What a weird feeling this is.

Oh f it.


Anonymous said...

Damn you. Tomorrow I am going to have to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a vampire costume. I never knew of this firefly dot com and now my checking account is going to have to pay for my ignorance.

Thank you. ;)

whereismymind said...

Okay, about to go check it out right now. Avery wants to be Cinderella... Maybe they'll have one that isn't cheesey... Love the piggy!!!! Too cute!

whereismymind said...

OH.MY.GOD. I'm addicted. This site is soooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Matthews said...

I can't wait to check out this site! I love that little piggy costume. So cute!
No kidding - the market crashed hard.

Little O' Me said...

When your order arrives, its like receiving Christmas presents. they wrap EVERYTHING up in cute polkadot tissue paper and its so nice!

You will love your purchase. I ordered The princess 2 costumes from there! Its such a nice company!!

I can't wait to see the kids in their costumes!!!

morewineplease said...

I love that site/catalog! I am having the girls costumes made again..."coming soon"