Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thanks a lot Shannon

I was drinking my coffee this morning looking at my favorite blogs and Shannon had the most darling Halloween pics of Diva and Drama from Halloween a few years ago. Drama looks like a chubby little Halloween bear and now guess what?

I want another freaking baby! Why did someone elses snuggle pups make me want another baby. Ugh!

So in order to keep this madness at bay, I will show y'all pictures of Tess' first Halloween, which was last year of course, and a few other photos from Halloween pasts.

I wasn't very creative last year because she was three weeks old. So I stuck her in a floral Baby Lulu gown and a flower hat on her head and Voila! A flower is born.

Please take note of this child's freak show feet. That is the first thing the nurses said as she came flying out (and she seriously did fly out), "I have never seen feet like this!" And I have to say, I had never seen feet like that on a newborn either. A fifteen year old boy, yes. A 30 second old baby girl. Not so much.

Anyhoo, here is Bram in his Spidy get up. He was supposed to be a football player, with our last name and everything on the back. But nooooooo. He had to put on his usual Spiderman gettup. So basically, Halloween was just another day at our house, except our neighbors handed him candy.

Halloween 2006 was Bram's first real visit to the local pumpkin patch. This could possibly be my all time favorite picture. Bram is riding on a fake tractor and his expression is priceless.

Our little Indian made his debut Halloween of 2006. Wig and all. It was a darling little costume that we still have in our dress up chest. This was when I still had a say so in his costumes. I relinquished control over that way way sooner than I intended.

OK, so maybe these pictures didn't help so much with the baby fever. But then again, my BABY does turn one TOMORROW. So that might play a small part in my baby fever. Think so? Ummmm.....yes, yes I do.

Tune in tomorrow and I will probably have a baby Tess montage set to music.
Not really.

Though I would if I knew how to do that.


Michelle said...

Her feet are big! I didn't notice until you told me to look.
Your kids are so precious! I love all the pics!

Scary Mommy said...

Your kids are so adorable. Great costumes!! And my Lord- her feet are huge!! :)

KDLOST said...

your kids are darling! the flower is soo cute! lol i want another baby too... i will have to talk my hubby into it... :)

Deb said...

She has the feet of a basketball player! Where the hell did they come from? Good gravy!!

Those are some adorable shots. I always did love Halloween when the kidlettes were little. Then they get bigger and think it's still okay to go out in street clothes and beg for candy door to door. Heathens...

Little O' Me said...

OOh I love those pictures. I love that Baby lulu sleeper and the flower bow band is TDF! Girl you are so not helping me. I would love to have another girl!!

Can I have Tess?? :D

Justin said...

kids are cute and adorable..! That Spider-man Halloween costume looks fabulous.