Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have a confession to make. It is something that a few know. A small elite bunch.

It is time that I get a little something off my chest. Here it goes....

My Texas accent is fake. Totally made up. I really don't have one.

OK. OK, yes, I am from Texas. Born and breed and very proud. A fourth or fifth generation Texan on my dad's side (am I right?) So needless to say, I do have an accent. God just didn't plan on it being so......thick.

I blame Amy Draper in third grade. She moved here from Breckenridge, Texas and I LOVED the way she spoke. Very thick, country accent. So I copied her. And practiced diligently on perfecting the perfect small town Texas accent. At night in bed, I would read outloud to get it just like hers. I wanted it so bad. I wanted to sound just like her.

And I did a fantastic job doing so. It is perfect.

Now mind you I am from Fort Worth, Texas. Fort Worth is not a small town, it is a big city. I went to Lubbock for college, not too small of a town. Then lived in Dallas, Austin, and now in lovely Hill Country. This is the first small town I have ever lived in. Ever.

Yet, my accent is pretty thick and I get asked all the time where I am from. Tyler? Sherman? Brownwood? Nope. Nope. And Nope. All with a smile on my face.

And it benefited me greatly in my single days. I can recall sitting at a bar in NYC laying it on thick with a bunch of yankee boys. I told them I was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. And they believed me.

Or at a bar in Miami, I had quite an audience of cute boys while I was telling of my life as a Rodeo Queen with a horse named Red Hot. I drove a red Dodge Truck with a big red trailer for my horse, Red Hot. And my rodeo outfit was all red suede. Those silly Miami boys believed me. Even though I was dressed nothing like a rodeo queen. But the free mojitos kept my fake stories of the life of a rodeo girl just aflowin'.

So yes, a fake Texas accent has its benefits.

Reason for this post.

Today I was asked where in Kentucky I was from. This was not my goal when all of this practicing was going on 25 years ago. Not at all.


Deb said...

at least they didn't ask you where you were from in west virginia (lol)
so, tell me. have you been scared straight yet?

starnes family said...

Every now and then I lean towards the possibility of you being normal. Thank you for keeping me guessing.


whereismymind said...

Okay, now THAT is funny. I love you! Too bad we don't live closer...

morewineplease said...

You are too much! LMAO!!
I try soo hard NOT to have an accent... In Highschool I spent a couple weeks in Cali with my cousin.... and they all called me Jody (Foster - silence of the lambs).. it made me CRAZY!!!!!!!!

Little O' Me said...

after picking myself up from the floor from dying of laughter...I just love you! You are so crazy and that my friend is a compliment!!

I love my crazy friends! The crazier the better!! LMAO!!!!!