Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Halloween Spirit!!!!

I love fall, I love the holidays, and I love the temps in Texas getting below 110. Most of all I love pumpkins.

This is the first purchase of many, many, many pumpkins. These are just your run of the mill, that I added a little personlization to. Cute, no? But y'all better watch out! I get crazy with the different sizes, colors, shapes, ghourds the deeper we get into fall. Crazy I tell ya.

Pumpkins that I painted with matching orange pots filled with purple flowers. Purple flowers? What the hell? The purple is total random but they were on sale and I needed flowers for Tess' party.

New purchase for the front door. Thought it was too cute. I was going to get all ambitious and make a huge Halloween wreath. But it didn't happen and usually when I get crafty it turns into a huge debacle. HUGE. So buying this $40 thing for my door actually save me $140 in craft crap.

Yes, that is a dead animal mounted above our mantel. It is an Axis. I was a nice wife and allowed ONE and only ONE dead animal in the house. We have 12 foot ceilings and our fireplace is enormous, though it looks tiny in this photo, so it isn't really too redneck.

I just love my mantel decor. The characters are from Bayberry Cove and the artist is Kathy Seaborn. They are scary and cutesy at the same time. This website has lots of darling holiday decor that have a "folksy" feel to them.

I will find any excuse to use grosgrain ribbon and tie them on everything and anything. Luckily I used some restraint and was a little more tasteful this year. But I just think it is so sweet.

Please notice the breathtaking infant in the photo. Three weeks old an losing her "Elmer Fuddness". And then notice the beautiful Paul Newman look alike in the other photo, sitting on last years pumpkins. So cute.

I like to think y'all give a damn about my Halloween decor. And I know you really don't but I am avoiding folding clothes right now. So just humor me. OK? Thanks.


starnes family said...

Love it all!!!!! You have fantastic taste, Courtney. Or, maybe it matches mine and so it has to be fantastic. :)

Michelle said...

You are so crafty! I love it! That dead animal is hilarious.
PS I want those drink recipes from you Tess's party! They look tasty!

Little O' Me said...

I love it all. I'll have to share once I get my junk up! LOL