Monday, October 27, 2008

Quick prayer!

My cousin just had in vitro. Her spirits are high and she knows that she will soon be given a little bundle of joy for her and her precious husband to enjoy.

Everyone please say a quick prayer that she is blessed to have the fun AND the ass whipping that a child brings in your life.

It makes me realize how blessed I am to have not one, but two crazy kids that I adore, worship, fawn over, spoil, and love to pieces.

We are all so blessed.


morewineplease said...

yes, we are blesssed and yes, I will pray!

KDLOST said...

consider her prayed for! many blessings!!! :)

#1Deb said...

I will keep her in my thoughts. I would not want ANYONE to miss out on all THIS (lol).

Michelle said...

I will pray! Keep us posted!