Thursday, October 23, 2008

May the force be with her

Bram has a substitute teacher in his mother's day out class today. Bless her.

His teacher left for Europe yesterday. So for the next week (he goes three days a week) this sweet church goer, who happens to be a retired teacher, has volunteered to take over.

Who wants to make a bet today is her first and last day in the three year old class?


Little O' Me said...

He can't be that bad!! LOL. I would totally LOVE to hang out with Bram for 3 days!!

I think he would keep me laughing. I heart him!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazingly today I volunteering at my daughter's 3 y/o preschool class. Seriously - they act TOTALLY different when with teachers. I thought Avery had been a victum of invasion of the bodysnatchers.

Deb said...

No WAY! I'm voting for the Teach - substitute or not!