Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This picture is ugly and half ass.

And yes, I know it is only 7:14 am. I mean, I am so pumped about the upcoming holidays and cold weather that I am bored right now with the Texas weather still feeling like summer. It sucks.

SO, I thought I would do something fun with my 3 readers. I want to do a WINE GLASS EXCHANGE!

I had a few (2 actually) comments regarding my mismatched wine glass collection. SOOOOOO I decided that would be fun early fall game to play. Want to? Sure you do!

The wine glasses that I have range from Waterford crystal to $3 Steinmart finds. I find them at antique stores or fine gourmet shops. It makes for a beautiful display at parties and when you break on, and we break a lot, it isn't a big deal because you didn't lose part of "your set".

So let me know if you want to play by leaving a comment! I will match everyone up and then you start your hunt for a fun wine glass. Then by November 30 have it mailed to who you were paired with! Make sense?

And if y'all don't want to play.....WELL FINE!!


starnes family said...

I'm in!

Michelle said...

Great idea! I'm in!

Deb said...

I'll play, but I would rather get a shot glass instead (I kid, I kid)

debi said...

I'll play

Little O' Me said...

I am in!!! Sound super fun!!

KDLOST said...

too late for me to join? srrsly, let me know. i went to marshall's and found some reeel good stuff.

Jo said...

Yes please, count me in!
Jo :)

Live.Love.Eat said...

If it's not too late I would LOVE to join in.

Also, I am SO glad you liked those martinis. I need to have one again SOON.

Anonymous said...

Oh - count me in! This sounds like fun fun fun!!!!