Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Picture Show

I received a fancy camera last year for Christmas and have been enjoying taking pictures of my exceptionally beautiful children. Only problem is, I am too lazy to read the manual. So really, I have no idea what I am doing.

I have however, figured out what lighting I do my best "work" in. I took Miss Tess outside yesterday to try some fall pics. She is wearing the most precious outfit, Baby Lulu of course.

Not bad, huh? Her preciousness leaves me speechless.

Sittin' pretty.

Hi Mommy!

Holy hell, what just happened!!!!!


MamaSue said...

It's easy to take great pics when you have such a beautiful subject

KDLOST said...

awwwwww! WHAT a cutie! LOVE that outfit!

Little O' Me said...

I loooooooved that Baby Lulu Woodblock line. Lauren had a set from that line too.

the pictures are gorgeous but you knew that!

Michelle said...

Great pictures! She is a DOLL!
That last pic and your comment had me rolling! Love it!

Deb said...

That was a tackle on the 50 yard line, baby.

Take her down easy Bram - Maybe a little flag football next time.