Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fun fall day with friends and non friends

We had a great Saturday with the entire population of Austin.

Hubby and I took the kids and my nephew, Hank, to the Dinosaur exhibit at the Botanical Gardens. We met up with a friend of mine, her hubby and beautiful son.

Well, as soon as we pulled onto Barton Springs Rd., Hubby and I both let out a great big, "Oh, hell to the no!"

Apparently, it was Austin Independent School District Family Day! Yippee! Which means one thing, F.R.E.E. That means every Tom, Dick, and Harry, their 8 kids, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbor, neighbors niece, niece's boyfriend, boyfriend's two kids, and a few dogs where all there. All. There.

Kelly and I were to meet at the entrance and we both debated whether or not to subject our families to the chaos.

Her hubby said, "I would rather get kicked in the nuts than walk through those gates." My hubby agreed.

But we decided we would take one for the team. You can't tell your three year old, "Sorry, I know we have been promising the dino thing all week, but it is too crowded. Sorry about that."

Y'all know it doesn't work like that.

All in all it wasn't bad. The dinosaurs are hidden throughout and they are HUGE. When Bram came across the first dinosaur he stopped dead in his tracks. Of course being the super sweet mommy I am, I scream, "HOLY COW! IT'S ALIVE!!!!!"

Not a good idea.

After a few minutes of reassuring Bram they were all pretend, and mommy was just being silly, we walked through the park at a brisk pace, took a few pics, then headed out for a lunch and some refreshing adult bevs.

I will totally go back on a weekday when it isn't a cluster, so that we can really see the dinos better and my anxiety won't be so bad in fear of losing a kid.

So here are some pics!

Handsome Hubby, Hank and Bram. Hank and Bram are looking like brothers these days. My sister in law and I have some beautiful children. And I am not just saying that.

Mr.Cool Dude on the way to see the dinosaurs. He thought he was supercool in his new HOT (really hot) Batman shades. These were accidentally stolen from Wal Greens. I don't condone stealing at all, when I threw them into the cart, they landed in the diaper bag. Seriously. I forgot about them until I was searching for a paci a few days later and, "uh-oh."

Tess really didn't want to partake in park entrance pictures. I think she had just read the A.I.S.D. FAMILY DAY! signs. Smart girl.

I am framing this one, my sweet little baby girl.

All in all we had a wonderful day. Catching up with a girlfriend and spending the day with the family.

And everyone else in Travis County's family as well.


starnes family said...

All of the pictures are precious, but that last one is really, really cute. Glad you all had fun!

Brooks said...

what an adorable family! Love that pumpkin dress! where did you get that? I just love it!

Found you via Peice O'Coconut Cake!
Great blog

morewineplease said...

Glad you decided to brave the crowd and have a good time!! Looks so fun! CUTE PICS!!

Michelle said...

Cute pics! Tess's outfit is adorable! You all look beautiful! You are so brave for taking on that crowd!

KDLOST said...

that outfit is PRECIOUS!!

Little O' Me said...


love all the pics.

Little O' Me said...

And love Tessie's pillowcase dress!!!

Angry Julie Monday said...

We always seem to pick those FREE days too.

I have bad luck like that. THey look like they had fun though.

I love Tess' dress.

Lori said...

Great pictures, your family is just beautiful!!