Sunday, October 19, 2008

This is not going to be pretty

I just had a talk with Bram about his pass. I told him, "Babies are the only ones that have a pass. You are looking like a giant baby, and we need to put all of your pass' away. You are just too big, and it is getting ridiculous"

His response.

"I don't care if I look like a baby. It really isn't my problem. If you think I look wedicwoulous. It is your problem."

This is verbatim what he just said to me. What the hell?

I am going to have to think of a whole new approach. Apparently we have built up his self esteem a little too much.


Deb said...

you are in trouble. that kid is 3 going on 40.

and sorry, but i am laughing again. i try not to really i do - but it's not my problem, it's your problem. good gravy!!

Piece o' Coconut Cake said...

Oh, boy...

KDLOST said...

ruh - roh

Little O' Me said...

I love a self confident child!!! You did good and you are gonna have to outsmart a smart 3 year old!!! Good luck with that!!!

Angry Julie Monday said...

He sounds just like Angry Toddler.