Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Y'all should be very jealous

Because this Friday I get to watch this man cook! For me!

And 25 other women, but whatever.

For you guys not "in the know", this is Tre from Top Chef Season 3. I have never missed an episode of Top Chef. Of all the seasons, Tre was my favorite.

Tre was a chef at Abacus, which is an amazing restaurant in Dallas. He did Texas VERY proud. I was shocked the night he got eliminated. But in true Texas gentleman fashion, he was a class act.

So, this Friday he is having a cooking demonstration at our gourmet cooking store on the square. Yes, ma'am. We are gettin' pretty darn fancy in my little town.

I will be sipping lovely wine, watching this cutey patootey cook. AND we get a free copper saucepan to boot.

He will also be signing his cookbook. This will make excellent Christmas gifts for my foodie friends and relatives.

Friday can't get here soon enough.

So, are y'all jealous? Not really? should be.


Deb said...

I will fly to freaking Texas right NOW!! I am SO jealous.
I thought he was a shoo in to win that year. I was floored when he was eliminated.
I just saw him recently (maybe a repeat-not sure) on Iron Chef (on food network) and he was working as the Sous Chef for two Brothers one of which I believe owns Abacus. They were up against Bobby Flay and they WON!! It was such a good episode, but nothing beats what your gonna see!
I cant possibly tell you how jealous of you I am. I was in lust with Tre for ever.
PLEASE take pics if your allowed...PLEASE.

Michelle said...

Oh how exciting! That is going to be so much fun!!!! I want to go!

The zoo will be so much fun! I need to take Luke up there soon! I think Wed is 1/2 price day!

Angie said...

I love Tre and am SO jealous! I was so sad when he was eliminated. I haven't watched the last season, but I do love that show. Have fun and know that your dear friend from way back to first grade is VERY jealous!

Little O' Me said...

I know you will have a GREAT time!!! I was wondering when the class was coming up!!

Now don't forget to snap some pics of you and him together!! Ok!! This is a GREAT treat!!! Lucky YOU!!!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Yes, I am jealous but in a happy for you sorta way :) That is awesome!!!!!!

KDLOST said...

whoo whoo!!! how fun! lucky lady.