Monday, October 6, 2008

More party pics....

After waking up from her nap she was in much brighter spirits. Thank the Lord. But I had already downed 3 mimosas at this point so it wouldn't of really mattered what kind of mood she was in.

Mikey and GranT, my mom and dad. Tess is named after my mom, Tessie. That is where the "T" in GranT comes from. And obviously Mikey's real name is Michael.

Love this pic! After the party was over, Tess had been playing and just sat down at Hubby's feet. She sat like this for awhile, just watching all of the grown ups visit. She was wiped out and just needed a bit of a break.

If you notice, she wasn't in her super cute dress for very long. I want to frame it and hang it in her room. So my OCD didn't want to get a thing on it. Poor girl, she spent half of her party in an Old Navy onesie.

Here is a somewhat good picture of the little lady. This was right before her meltdown. See, she looks happy. I guess she still thought she had a cute cake at this point.

This is my sister in law, Lacey. Tess' godmother and one of my best friends. If it wasn't for her, Hubby and I would of never met. She set us up on a blind date. I am SUPER lucky to have her as a sis in law and she gave me the two most precious nephews on the planet.

Here is the little lady with her Madame Alexander Huggims doll. I love that she loves to snuggle with her babies.

Adult bevs ready to be poured. Notice the different wine glasses. None of my wine glasses match. Hubby's grandmother gives us two different wine glasses at each Christmas. I love it so much that if I find a glass that tickles my fancy, I will buy it too. And my mother started it for my cousins. So much fun! It makes for a beautiful display and nobody ever "loses" their glass.

My girlfriends have started the trend as well. I am even going to have a wine glass exchange party this Christmas.

This is one of three bottles that were polished off. At a one year olds party. Drink much?


Deb said...

She looks like SHE got into the mimosas in that one shot. She's all laid back. Funny.

And the one with your SIL - that's the prettiest smile. Tessie not SIL. Although SIL's smile is pretty to. I'm not saying that it isn't . Oh never mind.

starnes family said...

I love the pic of you and Tessie and then also of your SIL with her, too. Very photographic girls!

American in Norway said...

What a pretty BABY! I think my daughter had the same dress for her first b-day... & the WINE GLASS idea...LOVE IT!

Cristin said...

Looks like a great party! Love the wine glasses... I've managed to break most of mine and have resorted to drinking my wine out of a juice glass... I might have to hint around this Christmas for some mismatched glasses!!

Michelle said...

Great pictures! That food looks tasty! Those wine glasses are awesome. What a great idea. Love the laid back Tess pic!

Little O' Me said...

You throw a helluva party!!! Kudos to you!!!